Are Traffic Ticket Lawyers Worth the Money?

Traffic tickets may seem like such trivial matters that they aren’t worth worrying about. However, the reality is that they can result in some harsh penalties. Those who have prior records are likely to have a harder time than first offenders.

This is definitely true in New York, where the state laws include a points system that tracks traffic violations. Even a minor offense could result in major consequences due to the accumulation of points on your record.

So, are traffic ticket lawyers worth the money? They certainly are if you want to keep a clean rap sheet and avoid harsh penalties that include the following:

Escalating Fines

For minor offenses, tickets can cost under $100, which should be relatively easy for most people to pay. For major offenses, however, the fine can be in the thousands of dollars.

The court can set a high amount based on the gravity of the situation. Going over the speed limit by a small margin may not be so bad, but racing like a daredevil in the streets will be heavily penalized.

Those who have previously been apprehended for traffic tickets should avoid further trouble, as they will pay higher fines if they get caught doing the same thing again. For erroneous charges, fight them in court with a seasoned lawyer by your side.

License Suspension

Driving is considered a privilege—not a right. NYC drivers are travelling through public roads, after all. This privilege is given to those who pass their driving license exam. It can also be suspended if motorists fail to follow traffic rules or show signs of being a danger to the public.

This suspension can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. This can make work commutes and other types of travel difficult. The suspension may only be lifted after the end of the prescribed period, provided that all other conditions set by the court are satisfied.

Auto Insurance Premiums

The consequences of a moving violation are not limited to the penalties imposed by the courts, however. Motorists with colorful driving records are frowned upon by insurers. They are often seen as high-risk drivers who are likely to get involved in accidents based on their previous behavior.

Their inability to follow the rules is a huge red flag to the insurers. Some insurance companies will deny coverage to applicants based on this. Others might accept them but only at a high premium. The soaring rates will persist until the person has proven that he or she has reformed through a clean driving record over an extended period of time.

Given the economic consequences of traffic tickets, it is clear that this is far from a trivial matter. The large fees can put a big dent in our wallets, and the higher premiums will increase expenses for prolonged periods. A license suspension will be even more problematic if a worker or student lives far from the city.

New York is known for having one of the most expensive property markets in the world. Few can afford to buy or rent a house near their workplace. If you would like to fight your traffic ticket, take a risk. Enter a not guilty plea and fight it with a traffic ticket lawyer in Brooklyn.

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