Is Wisconsin a Safe Place to Drive?

Wisconsin is not one of the biggest states in the US, so many people would assume that it is generally a pretty easy state to drive in. Without a lot of major cities, the traffic shouldn’t be too bad, right? Well, it is not quite so cut and dry.

The biggest city in Wisconsin is Milwaukee, and it has a lot of big city problems as far as accidents on the road are concerned. It is an older city, so the roads in some areas are not meant to be driven on so frequently. The city does a pretty good job of keeping up on things, but it is rather difficult to keep up with growing neighborhoods.

Out in rural areas, Wisconsin has it pretty good as far as driving is concerned. There are not a lot of hilly areas, and there are no mountains in the state. With a relatively flat terrain and the lack of as many lakes as their neighbor Minnesota, it does not have to deal with a ton of crazy country roads.

So, the question remains, is Wisconsin a safe place to drive? There are two main reasons why people might think that it really isn’t all that safe. The first is simply the fact that it has some of the worst weather in the United States. With rain, snow, and ice coming down all the time, it can be extremely difficult to navigate. The good news is that the state is well prepared to take care of roads when weather hits. They do a very good job of putting salt on the ground when there is ice and snow, and the plows are always out.

The other thing that causes people to worry on the road is the love of beer and alcohol in the state—with the most love for breweries in the country, that can sometimes lead to drunk driving. There is drunk driving in every state, but higher alcohol consumption in Wisconsin can cause quite a bit of worry.

For the most part, people shouldn’t be too worried about driving in the state of Wisconsin. If they are not used to snow, it can be a little bit difficult during the winter months. Otherwise, everything should be mostly good for visitors or those moving to the state for the first time. If one is ever in an accident, they can hire an auto collision lawyer in Milwaukee for advice.

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