Dealing With Sexual Harassment

With all the publicity sexual harassment is getting these days in the media and pretty much everywhere we turn, it's easier than ever to report and speak out about personal experiences.  However, some victims may still find it hard to talk about their experience and perhaps have no idea what dealing with sexual harassment entails. Many people also don't realize that sexual harassment is illegal.  Many of us think it is just a nuisance or something that is just a part of life.  Women, in particular, are more apt to brush it off as something men just do. In recent years, women at last started standing up to their harassers, and began shaming the men who victimized them to the public.  In the past, women just ignored attempts at harassment,…
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Jobs with a High Chance of Injury

If you suffer a work-related illness or injury, you should be able to obtain workers compensation benefits while you are unable to work so that you can focus on your recovery without financial anxiety. Many states require that most employers carry workers comp coverage on their insurance policies. For those that work in a dangerous industry, this protection should provide peace of mind knowing that if you are injured or fall ill due to the circumstances of your work environment, you’ll still be able to continue to support yourself and your family while you’re out of work. Below we have discussed some of the types of jobs that have an increased risk of injury so that you can prepare yourself for the possibility of needing to secure workman’s comp coverage.…
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