Red Light Tickets in Florida

Across the world, the movement of traffic is controlled by traffic lights. Sometimes you may misjudge the time you require to cross an intersection and may find yourself at the receiving end of a red light ticket. Most counties and cities in Florida have red light cameras that capture and record violations.

Red light tickets in Florida carry a $158 fee. If you fail to pay within sixty days from the date the citation was issued, you can expect to receive a second notice, and the fee will increase to $262. The first notice that you receive will not add points to your driving license, but if it is unpaid, the citation will become a ticket and points will be added.

Things to Know About Red Light Tickets in Florida

When you receive notice of a citation, a red light camera recorded the violation. You will also receive a link to a website where you can view the recording. It would be wise to visit the website to see the conditions under which the red light citation was given. Sometimes, when you fail to stop completely before you turn right, the camera may begin recording.

Furthermore, if you braked just in time and stopped, but the wheels went beyond the trigger area, the camera will begin to record. Unfortunately, most cameras are unable to focus on the driver’s face, as it is positioned to focus on the vehicle number plate. It is possible that you had lent the car to someone else or perhaps you sold it, and hence may wish to fight the red light ticket. In this case, you should contact a good attorney who specializes in fighting traffic violation charges.

The important thing to remember is that you should not avoid dealing with the citation or ticket, as this would only make the matter worse. At the back of the notice you will find details regarding payment of the fee, affidavit for transferring liability, or for an exemption. This affidavit will need to be submitted and you will need to request for hearing. In case you wish to transfer liability, you will also have to establish the same.

When you choose to fight a traffic ticket, it is important that you have a lawyer who is well-versed in the traffic laws of the state and knows his ways around the legal system. Attorney Christopher Hersem is a native Floridian and is well known in the legal community. He has also served as Assistant Public Defender and has the experience and expertise to guide clients so they make decisions that serve them well.

People often worry about the legal fees and avoid reaching out for competent legal help, which is why Hersem Law offers clients a free strategy session, where they can gain insight about the options before them.

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